The Co-Care Foundation was established in 2018 by Theo & Liezel van Tonder after having life-changing experiences in their business lives. Within their trial they came to understand through the grace of God that life without God leaves too many unanswered questions and that a life devoid if spiritual truth leaves one unstable and insecure. 

Theo ceased his secular pursuits and decided to dedicate all his time to the advancement of a good society, to the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ and to connecting with and assisting people who are in dire need. 

Today Co-Care is lead by Theo and Liezel van Tonder, Jessica Smith and Alfrieda Greyling as directors and Machiel Greyling serving as an Evangelist. Our current associations are with the Midlands Rugby Academy, Pietermaritzburg Children’s Home, the Salvation Army, Glenwood Christian School and Christelike Maatskaplike Dienste (CMD).

Theo Van Tonder

Theo has successfully pursued various business ventures over the last few years, the latest being the owner of a project management company. Through his secular experiences he developed a heart for God’s things and people in need. His shift in life purpose led him to take the lead in establishing the Co-Care Foundation. He has a passion for Christ, and a tremendous passion for sport. He is married to Liezel and they have two wonderful children.

Alfrieda Greyling

Alfrieda has been serving in church ministry for the past ten years. She has also been a business owner. She has a heart to serve, especially orphans and abused woman. Apart from being a mother to two active boys, she is a very supportive wife in ministry to her husband Machiel. Alfrieda has always had a heart for God and His priorities and has dedicated her life in service to Him.

Machiel Greyling

Machiel is a Minister and Evangelist in the Churches of Christ and has been serving in this capacity for the last twelve years. He fulfils a voluntary role as Co-Care’s spiritual advisor and teacher. He has a huge passion for the lost and has resolved to do whatever necessary to reach people for Christ. Apart from vigorous studies in theology and psychology he enjoys sport and the outdoors. He has been married to his beautiful wife Alfrieda for ten years and is father to two boys, Micah and Neo.

Barend van Den Bergh

Barend joined the Co-Care team in 2020. His career has been primarily focused on sales. In 2013 his total life focused changed when he met Christ. He has a keen desire to help people in need and his primary passion is growing closer to God. He has been blessed with two wonderful boys, ages six and eleven.

Liezel Van Tonder

Liezel has followed a career in the retail industry, specifically in space-rentals of shopping malls. Over the past few years she has been co-directing Inovativ Spaces that has just grown tremendously. She has been gifted with great leadership and organizational ability. Apart from these abilities she has also developed a heart for the work of God over recent times and stands firmly behind her husband in his pursuit to make a difference. She is not only a business woman, but a hands-on mother to her two children.

Jessica Smith

Jessica has developed her career as a retail space specialist together with Liezel with whom she serves as co-director of Inovativ Spaces. Apart from her passion to serve her business clients well, she also has a keen desire to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate. She places family as an important priority in her life and has been blessed with a beautiful little daughter.