Co-Care aims to sink a borehole at Khanyisani Creche.

In partnership with CMD (Christian Social Services) in Pietermaritzburg Co-Care has identified a need in one of the surrounding communities of Pietermaritzburg. The area is called Tafelberg. There is a creche situated at an old church building (Khanyisani Creche) . The kids that come to the creche are from the community that is quite poverty stricken. The facilities have no water. Co-Care has identified the premises as a good place to serve the community from. We desire to sink a borehole that can provide water, not only for the creche but also for the community. Additionally we desire to establish a hydroponics vegetable garden on the premises that can feed the kids and also those in need at the community. We believe this project will make a massive difference in the area. It is a sustainable project that will impact the lives of countless people into future generations.

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