Archie was a security guard in Westville Kwazulu Natal in 2018 when he randomly met Theo who was doing some shopping. Theo accidently dropped his keys without noticing when Archie picked it up for him and took it to him. Since then their relationship has developed from one level to the other. Theo started meeting up with Archie to study the Bible. Early in 2020 the door opened for Co-Care to send willing learners to the Gospel Chariot Missions campus in Pretoria and Archie’s name came up.

After careful prayer and consideration Archie decided to leave his employment at the security company and pursue studies in the Bible. Archie has a desire to one day open a counselling center to help young adults with their personal problems and also assisting orphans in their needs. We are so excited to have Archie part of our Co-Care team and cannot wait to see what God has in store for him.

Theo Van Tonder